Elementary and Middle School Musicals

The Day the Sun Quit: a solar system musical $20 (Audio Sample)

Cast: 9-10 roles, male or female. Run Time: Approximately 40 minutes

This fun and humorous musical explores how the planets might interact with each other if they had personalities and what might happen if the sun quit. Great for elementary and middle school aged children.

Uprooted: a tooth musical $20 (Video Sample)

Cast: 8 roles male or female + chorus. Run Time: Approximately 40 minutes

This children’s musical follows Cuspie, an adventurous bicuspid that escapes it’s mouth to go see the world. Along the way, Cuspie encounters a gang of plaque, a groovy wisdom tooth, and a whitening salesman, all the while trying to avoid the clutches of an obsessive Tooth Fairy. All parts can be played by either boys or girls and can be split up to accommodate more actors.

Fable Fever $20 (Video Sample)

Cast: flexible, 7+, male or female. Run Time: Approximately 45 minutes

A collection of humorous fables and children’s stories. Including The Little Red Hen, The Tortoise and The Hare, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, and The Ugly Duckling. You can choose to perform just one story or the whole collection together. 

The Brave Little Tailor $20 (Audio Sample)

Cast: flexible, 12+, male or female. Run Time: Approximately 45 minutes

An inconsequential tailor kills seven in a blow! (Flies, that is.) Through wit, confidence, luck, and a few little lies, he goes on to defeat giants, outwit a unicorn, and marry a princess. Lovable characters and catchy songs will capture hearts in this 45 minute musical tale perfect for ages 8-18.

*A note on music: The practice tracks for these productions are by no means professional, and are only meant to help learn the songs. Generally they are sung by a female, which sometimes means the notes are sung an octave higher than intended or the vocals are altered. Sometimes there are screaming children in the background. The performance tracks are piano accompaniment and sometimes a simple drum track. “Melody lead sheet music” only includes the melody notes and not full piano accompaniment, and those productions would require performance tracks to be performed.